Sharon Junior Academy



Attention Sharon Junior Academy Alumni - We need your help keeping track of you. This enables us to maintain our records and continue to provide you with news and information about your alma mater. We would also like to "spotlight" our alumni.

Please provide the following information:

  • Full name (including maiden or other name changes)
  • Year(s) attended Sharon Jr Academy
  • Contact information (work and/or home - please specify and indicate if you want private [i.e., not posted on our web page])
  • e-mail address that you don't being displayed on our Alumni Page or specify if you want it private
  • Any news you'd like to share (marriage, children, promotion, etc.)
  • A brief biographical sketch (e.g., After earning the M.S. in Food Science & Technology, I began my career as a QC supervisor for Sam n Ella's Roadkill, Inc. Two years later, I accepted a position as Food Technologist with Big Shot Foods in Somewhere, State. Presently, I am Vice-President for Research and Development with Big Shot Foods. I am married to Hesa Vol, with two children, and live in Suburbia, SC. - etc. etc.)
  • Good quality digital photograph of you alone, at least 300 w X 400 h pixels.

Send directly to me (